Fine Arts - Directions

The Direction of Painting has been a central unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts since its establishment.
The complex methodology employed by the Direction of Painting envisages teaching of classical painting principles along with the developing the students’ ability to understand, analyse and use for creative purposes contemporary subject-specific information.

The Painting Direction offers optional courses to all the faculties and directions of the Academy. Its academic programmes are designed in accordance with the specific requirements of each faculty and department.

The Painting Direction offers three specialisations:

  • Easel Painting:  Being a core specialisation for all types of art media, it offers courses combining cutting-age approaches with the  most useful elements of the previously provided programmes. The painting courses traditionally make emphasis on teaching basic principles through observational painting. The methodology applied in teaching the principles of painting compositions is tailored to the students’ interests.
  • Theatre Painting(Scenography): Combining traditional and modern approaches, the programmes offered have been designed by taking into account the experience of higher arts educational institutions of Europe. They are aimed at teaching the production of stage designs by addressing visual and technical aspects, as well as finding stylistic and technical solutions to a variety of costume designs. Stage designers create performances in collaboration with directors.
  • Film and TV Painting: The Cinema and Film Set Design Studio was established at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1968. The highly specialised programme makes emphasis on developing students’ creativity and spatial thinking abilities. The graduates are expected to be able to fully uncover and expand the potential and visual possibilities offered by cinema and television, think creatively and achieve artistic independence. They are trained to develop orientation to contemporary media space and use artistic and creative techniques for producing visual elements for feature films, short films, documentaries, television films, commercials, television and musical shows.


Karaman Kutateladze, Professor

David Aleksidze, Professor

Giorgi Gegechkori, Professor

Giorgi Gugushvili, Tenur

Megi Tsitlidze, Associate Professor

Mamuka Mikeladze, Associate Professor

Giorgi Khutsishvili, Associate Professor

Tinatin Tskhadadze, Associate Professor

Teimuraz Chkhutishvili,Associate Professor

Ekaterine Gelovani, Assistant Professor

Tea Kutateladze, Associate Professor

Tamar Minashvili, Associate Professor

David Vakho Muskheli, Guest Professor

Nikoloz Shengelaia, Guest Professor

Oleg Timchenko, Guest Teacher