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The Faculty of Architecture was established in Tbilisi State Art Academy in 1922. One of the founders of the school, the first rector, Mr. Giorgi Chubinashvili, in his ceremonial speech, emphasized the great importance of the school of architecture.

Famous architects and scientists worked at the Faculty of Architecture: A. Kalgin, H. Hrinevsky, N. Severov, G. Machavariani, G. Kurdiani, G. Mukhadze, V. Beridze meetings.

The 86-year history of the Faculty of Architecture and the creative potential of generations make us believe that the possibilities of the school are inexhaustible. Since 1960, (“after the fall of the Iron Curtain”), graduates and students have made serious achievements in the international arena.

Currently, our school is included in the country’s unified education system. Taking into account the international standards of UNESCO-UIA and the requirements of the Bologna process, the Faculty of Architecture of the Academy of Arts is implementing a three-level education system – bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Accordingly, programs were developed based on the state educational standards for civil architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, urban architecture, color and lighting architectural design, interior design and environmental design.

As stated in the Charter of Architectural Education of UNESCO-UIA: …”Architectural education should not be considered as a finished process, it should be perceived as a lifelong developing process”, based on this, the specialist education model is based on the perspectives of the development of architecture and construction techniques, is focused on a flexible system of education and It determines the adjustable educational process of the educational structure.