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The “Patient N1” exhibition of the Faculty of Design—fashion design direction—was opened at the Apollon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Art Academy.
The educational-creative project deals with ecological problems and challenges. The exhibition includes eleven costumes and two panels. Participating students used, among other techniques, upcycling used clothing.
Head of the project: Thea Bodokia – associate professor of the Academy of Arts;
Supervisor in the direction of technology/construction: Ekaterine Darchia, guest teacher of the Academy of Arts;
Participating students: Tekla Gogoladze, Elene Erkomaishvili, Ekaterine Maisuradze, Inga Vartaniani, Tamuna Zaloshvili, Dachi Metreveli, Monika Managadze, Salome Nadiradze, Salome Chkonia, Nelli Khurtsidze, Elene Turashvili
The exhibition will last until June 23.
Address: Al. Griboyedov N22 – the exhibition hall of the Art Academy.

The Ministry of Culture has unveiled a competition aimed at fostering creative initiatives in the field of fine and visual arts across Tbilisi and the regions.

Competition Title: Promotion of Creative Initiatives in the Field of Fine and Visual Arts in Tbilisi and Regions

This initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia, seeks to encourage and support innovative endeavours in the fine and visual arts sector, fostering cultural vibrancy and artistic expression throughout the country.