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19 / 09 / 2022

For partners from non-European countries: we would like to draw your attention to the Ernst Mach Scholarship.
*Students from non-European countries can receive a monthly grant of 1.150 EUR.
*Valid for study abroad in the academic year 2023/24 (summer and/or winter semester). The application is possible until the end of February. Please contact my colleague Tina Gsenger (tina.[email protected].at) for further information.

Use this form to nominate your students (deadline: October 15th). Once all nominations are received from partner international offices, students will then be contacted with details about next steps in applying for an exchange FH Salzburg. Also, an academic calendar is attached for your reference.

Student Applicaton: (Deadline Nov. 1st)

Once offices complete the nomination form, you and your nominated students will receive information about completing an application for exchange at the FH Salzburg.

Password: The nominees & you will receive the password on October 15th.   

Timeframe: The application link will be open from October 15th until November 1st

Information on application documents and language instructions are available online.  

Please note: Exchange students interested in the degree programmes "Design & Product Management" or "MultiMediaArt" have to submit a portfolio!

Courses offered:
Our curriculum of courses offered in English is available online.
The International Academic Advisor is the direct contact for academic questions and matters as students are required to prepare a provisional Learning Agreement.
The International Office also offers the following coursesGerman as a foreign language, Inside Austrian: Exploring a new Culture, Outdoor Austria: From the Ground Up, Working in Multicultural Teams, Finding Yourself in Global Culture and Tandem Learning.

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