Erasmus+ mobility for TSAA students - selection criteria
I.   TSAA proposes the EU higher art educational institution to become  a partner and establish cooperation within the Erasmus+ program
II.  TSAA initiates signing Erasmus+ ‘Inter-institutional agreement - Mobility for learners and staff – Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility’ with the EU partner higher art educational institution
III.  The TSAA’s   partner higher art educational institution selects the faculty to collaborate with and within Erasmus+ program
IV.   The  student selection process is conducted by the faculty and nomination is based on the GPA score, portfolio quality,  language certificate or TSAA foreign language  teacher’s reference.
V.   The TSAA International  Relations Department sends the selected students nomination letters and portfolios to the partner institution
VI.  The student’s final selection is conducted by the partner institution, basing on the nominated portfolios
VII. The TSAA International  Relations Department  leads and monitors the mobility, learning and grant agreements  signing procedure, consultations before departure, signing agreement with the TSAA, etc.
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