Advertising Graphic


Head of the Program:
Tamaz Varvaridze
Emeritus in graphics direction, TSAA Faculty of Visual Art

Name of the program: Advertising Graphics
Level of education: Master’s degree

Awarded qualification: Master of Arts
Prerequisite for admission to the program: The entrant must have bachelor's academic degree; he/she should have passed entrance examination of educational program of the Faculty of Visual arts in drawing and foreign language (level B2)

Annotation: The master's program of advertising design has been functioning in TSAA since 2008. The program combines the experience of European universities of arts and the great tradition of Georgian State Academy of Arts in the direction of graphics. At the same time modern achievements of the world art and new methods of teaching / learning are used. During the learning period MA students study various graphic and digital technologies, new processes in the field of visual arts. This form of teaching promotes development of intellectual and creative abilities of MA students. All the disciplines included in the program, enable the process of researches and their use in practice.
Rapid development of economic and cultural factors in Georgia has led to increased demand for advertising and its design specialists virtually in all areas of modern society. This interest caused the need to develop the program.
After completing the full course, proceeding from the specifics of the field, the master will have the qualification corresponding to the highest teaching standards of the world universities, which will allow him to be involved in current processes in the contemporary art field.

The program structure:
The cycle of basic disciplines – 11 ECTS
The cycle of professional disciplines – 91 ECTS
The cycle of the university theoretical disciplines – 18 ECTS
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