Artistic Processing of Wood and Furniture Design


Head of the Program:
Teimuraz Sarishvili, TSAA Associate professor

Name of the Master’s Program: Artistic Processing of Wood and Furniture Design

Level of higher academic education: Master’s degree

Awarded qualification: Master of Arts

Admission prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts Degree, examinations in Special Composition and Foreign Language. (II level).

Annotation of Master’s Program:
The Master's program is aimed to create highly artistic wooden products, thorough study of the basic principles and approaches of furniture design, analysis of historical stages of development of the field and vision of the future.
The program includes improvement of different performing technologies (woodcutting, woodworking, mosaic technologies) and application of new methods based on innovative thinking and experiments.
It is impossible to imagine modern interiors (residential apartments, public buildings, administrative buildings) without artistic wooden products and furniture design, envisaging artistic-constructive high-tech ideal shapes and proportions. The program also includes all the components of souvenir production, which is very relevant today in the field of tourism development.
Taking into consideration modern requirements, for a better presentation of the creative project the study of project digital technologies is implemented simultaneously.
The program is designed for the educational process of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. At the end the program the graduate of master's program will be equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for a specialist working in the field of artistic processing of wood and furniture design.

The Program Structure

The cycle of professional disciplines - 80 credits
The cycle of visual art disciplines - 10 credits
The cycle of general theoretical disciplines - 20 credits
The cycle of digital technologies disciplines - 10 credits
Foreign language - 5 credits
Total: 125 ECTS
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