Textile Design


Head of the program:
Tinatin Kldiashvili,
 Professor of TSAA

Name of the Master Program: Textile Design
Higher level of academic education: Master
Awarded qualification:  Master of Arts 
The prerequisite for access to the program is: Bachelor’s Degree in Art,Examination in special Composition and  Foreign Language ( B II Level). 

Annotation of Master Program: The Master Program provides a thorough study and understanding of the basic principles of textile design, both in the creative and industrial-use field, establishment and development of creative and technological research skills required for these spheres.
Depending on the trends of modern art in the 21st century, the textile design has a significant place in the artistic space. In the light of this, the program is focused on developing an independent artist - the creator, which is equipped with advanced technological skills of creative and textile designs that have passed through the program, will be able to independently perform successful creative work in modern design space.
Actual areas related to the current reality of the country, such as: Construction, Tourism, Individual entrepreneurship, provide a wide range of real employment opportunities for program graduates.
Modern interior design is unimaginable without creative or applied textile accessories. In addition to the development of tourism infrastructure, important place takes a high quality national souvenir, where the unique designs performed by the specifics of the textile design, such as: secular and sacred embroidering, patterns performed with techniques of felt or carpets and rugs, Late Middle Ages printed woven or "Blue Tablecloth" were the pride of the Georgian national treasure for centuries...
Thus, the program has been developed for the study of the State Academy of Arts and is focused on enhancing students' professional skills and creative thinking. 
As a result of the program, a Master's Graduate will be equipped with the knowledge and creative-technological skills required for highly qualified specialists in the field of modern textile design.

The Program Structure

Professional disciplines cycle - 80 credits,
The cycle of visual art disciplines - 10 credits
The cycle of  university  disciplines  - 20 credits;
The cycle of Digital technologies disciplines - 10 credits;                                                                                           
Foreign language - 5 credits
Total – 125 ECTS
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