Jewellery and Metal Decorative Plastic


Head of the program:
Soso Koiava,
Invited Professor of TSAA

The name of Master program:Jewelry and metal decorative plastic
Higher level of academic education: Master
Awarded qualification:  Master of Arts
The prerequisite for access to the program is: Bachelor’s degree  in Art, Examination in special Composition and Foreign Language ( B II Level). 

Annotation of Master Program:Jewelry and metal decorative plasticMaster's Program aims to develop the student's artistic thinking; Compositional solution of modern artistic objectives; Orientation on the creative process, to create an object of uniqueness decorative plastic with distinctive and high artistic level;  Maximum use of the academic knowledge that the student received as a result of studying on the Bachelor of art level.  The student possesses the specificity of the applied art, ornament and decorative plastic industry, new technologies, presentation skills. All this, based on research on rich centuries of tradition, makes the student an artist and gives the opportunity to create individual creative works.

The Program Structure:
Professional disciplines cycle - 80 credits,
The cycle of visual art disciplines - 10 credits
The cycle of the university disciplines - 20 credits;
The cycle of Digital technologies disciplines - 10 credits;                                                                                          
Foreign language - 5 credits
Total – 125 ECTS
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