Industrial Design


Head of the program:
Jumber Bechvaia, Associate professor
of TSAA Design Faculty

Name of the Master Program: Industrial design
Higher level of academic education: Master
Awarded qualification:  Master of Arts  in Industrial Design Specialty
The prerequisite for access to the program is: Examination in special Composition and              Foreign Language ( B II Level). 
Annotation of Master Program: The course of the industrial design includes a full range of technical profile items (serial and exclusive.) It includes: all kinds of household, industrial, transport, labour, recreation, entertainment, environmental improvement, medical treatment, sports and defferent type of special technic deign.
The master's degree in conformity with the qualification requirements in industrial design is optimized according to the synthesized and priorities in the form of a specific spec in training courses, which is intended for maximal teaching of Master's student.  At the same time it is focused on Georgian industrial and consumer conditions and it is designed to adapt to them as well as facilitate positive change of conditions.
Modules are the priority part of the program: Designing - Modeling and Industrial and Individual entrepreneurship technologies. In order to improve basic education and to improve practical skills, the program includes drawing, decorative painting, special sculpture and computer design, as well as necessary study courses for master's: General analytical course of art, art analytical special course, pedagogy and management.

The Program Structure

Professional disciplines cycle - 80 credits,
The cycle of visual art disciplines - 10 credits
The cycle of  General theoretical disciplines  - 25 credits;
The cycle of Digital technologies disciplines - 10 credits;                                                                                          
Total – 125 ECTS

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