Fashion Design


Head of the program:
Maka Bakhtadze,
Professor of TSAA

The name of Master program:  Fashion Design
Higher level of academic education: Master
Awarded qualification:  Master of Arts
The prerequisite for access to the program is: Bachelor’s deegre in Art,Examination in special Composition and Foreign Language (2 Level). 

Annotation of Master Program:  Masters program in fashion designs - is designed to prepare high quality professional fashion designer for knitting and creative fabric, costume, leather goods, shoes and accessories that can be used as separate as well as combined collections using different specific technologies.
It also aims to teach merchandising as a study course. Integrated discipline - merchandising is teaching communication, interior design, colour, style and costume history, music, psychology and “design” in general.
The program will give to students the knowledge required for the combined collection as an exclusive and massive production; It's offering traditional methods of artistic processing of sewing tissue and the use of new innovative technologies and their use in the collection; A wide range of technological capabilities of the machine and hand woven knit trim and  the  fabric manufactured for fashion to create exclusive, unique models. As well as knowledge and skills acquired as a result of the program, provide creative and technical - technological modeling - projecting and managing this process in the following directions: costume design, shoe, leather goods and accessories design. As a result, the student will be ready to work in the fashion industry in several directions: 1) Design of men, women and children costumes; 2) Design of shoes for seasonal models; 3) Leather accessories design.

The Program Structure:
Professional disciplines cycle - 85 credits,
The cycle of visual art disciplines - 5 credits
The cycle of university disciplines - 25 credits
The cycle of Digital technologies disciplines - 10 credits;                                                                                           
Total – 125 ECTS (credits)

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