Artistic Glass Design


Head of the program:
Tamar Grigolia, Associate professor of TSAA

The name of Master program:  Artistic Glass
Higher level of academic education: Master
Awarded qualification:  Master of Arts
The prerequisite for access to the program is: Examination in special Composition and Foreign Language (2 Level). 

Annotation of Master Program:  The field of discipline is the oldest field of glass artistic processing. Because of the universality of the material, an artistic glass as a field is still keeping one of the leading places in modern design field. The development of this field has great perspectives in Georgian modern architecture, exterior and interior. This is precisely  why request on this specialist has been increased. Glass, as the material is not a separate unit, it is a very complex technological process. The master program contains professional competencies on the second level.
The backbone of the program is based on the strengthening of the education received at the I level (bachelor). Setting out and implementing outlined creative designing or research task. The program is drawn up based on the thematic idea, material performance, intellectual thinking and new technologies and the discovery of lost technologies.
The program enhances students the skills of working with basic materials in glass art, their synthesis with various supporting materials (metal, shamite, wood), the hard techniques of glass painting, molding glass sheets, glass painting techniques and research for colored plastic. This technology - techniques are carried out: using new modern technological processes, based on the mobilization of accumulated theoretical knowledge and practically its implementation, then the synthesis of these components discipline requires aesthetic, creative monumental thinking and the functional purpose of visual forms in interior and exterior (Eg. decorative lighting systems, modern stained glass windows, spatial plastic objects).
The program is focuses on education of the designers (specialists) of these fields, who is  having general theoretical and practical knowledge gained within the program they will be able to work successfully in the field of artistic glass design. The program also includes II level of the master's degree course of visual art: drawing, painting, sculpture, as well as art history, digital technologies and general elective subjects.
It is oriented to the development of modern Georgian artistic glass art specialists who teach these disciplines in the higher and secondary education institutions in the future. Thus, the program has been developed for the study process of the State Academy of Arts and it is an integral part of enhancing students' professional and creative thinking.
The program also includes the basic theoretical course of visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture) as well as general theoretical courses of art history (history of world art, history of Georgian art), digital technologies, general educational and special optional subjects.

The Program Structure:

Professional disciplines cycle - 80 credits
The cycle of visual art disciplines - 10 credits
The cycle of general theoretical disciplines - 25 credits
The cycle of Digital technologies disciplines - 10 credits                                                                                         
Total – 125 ECTS

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