Artistic Ceramics


Head of the Program:
Giorgi Yashvili, Professor
of the TSAA Design Faculty

The name of Master program:Ceramic Art
Higher level of academic education: Master
Awarded qualification:  Master of Arts
The prerequisite for access to the program is: Examination in Composition and Foreign Language (2 Level).

Annotation of the Master Program:The oldest art of ceramics remains one of the actual and leading industries in contemporary art and design. Artistic Ceramics in its essence, includes the design as well as the potential of the fine art - the expressions of opportunity of paintings, graphs and sculptures. It is used in many fields of modern existence, whether it is industrial, design, architectural and etc. The ceramics can be as a wide range of serial items as well as a unique, a sample of copyright art.
This field in Georgia has deep and traditional roots. There is a well-established, universally recognized Georgian Ceramic ArtSchool.
The program is based on the rich national traditions of the field, envisages modern technical-technological requirements of specialty, interdisciplinary and practical synthesis with neighboring fields and aims to prepare a senior specialist in the field.
Master’s degree is prepared for the study process of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. The method of instruction defined by the program gives an opportunity to optimally implement the goal - deepen and perfect knowledge of the first step of teaching  and in a qualitatively take to the new step of  the student's creative thinking, professional, technical, technological and artistic skills.
In the field of Ceramic Artacquired with the knowledge necessary for highly qualified specialists, the graduates who are equipped with creative and technological skills can independently achieve successful work in contemporary art and design, more importantly, in the current trends of the country, such as the areas of architecture, tourism, individual entrepreneurship, independent creative activity, creates a wide range of real employment. Graduates of the Master Program will continue to pursue higher education in the third level of the same specialty or neighboring fields - at doctoral level.

The Program Structure:
Professional disciplines block - 80 credits,
The cycle of visual art disciplines - 15 credits
The cycle of analytical disciplines of art history - 10 credits;
The cycle of general theoretical disciplines - 10 credits;
Digital technologies - 5 credits;
Foreign language - 5 credits.
Total – 125 ECTS
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