Sculpture – The Head Associate Professor Guram Gigauri


Head of the Program:
Guram Gigauri, Associate Professor
of the TSAA Faculty of Fine Arts

Name of the Bachelor Program:Sculpture
Higher level of academic education: Bachelor
Awarded qualification:  Bachelor of Arts 
Admission prerequisite: The entrant should have passed a Unified National Examinations and TSAA creative contest.
Annotation: The program includes all the educational components required for the study of old, new and modern time as well as the world sculpture of Georgian sculpture and general fine arts, which are oriented to study the specificity of the field, technical or technological specifications, and developing the student's professional skills and general competences. Specifically, the program undertakes to study the student's three-dimensional shape or volume, sculpture depicting with a soft and dense material. In its studying components are used the subject, video and photo materials, through which the student study the history of sculpture, the traditions and analysis of current trends in the modern world art. The disciplines in it are aimed at presenting the world as well as the ethnic individual differences and mutual attributes and parallels. The program is based on the experience of ancient age and contemporary realistic art, the studying and analyzing the most important events and creative facts, using by as traditional as well as modern field and interdisciplinary methods (sculpting, drawing, spatial multimedia). It is aimed at raising a sculptor who has been adapted into modern art space and will be able to deliver the accumulated knowledge in general educational institutions.

Program structure:

Basic disciplines cycle ----- 65 ECTS
Professional discipline cycle ------ 80 ECTS
The cycle of university theoretical disciplines - 95 ECTS
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