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Head of the Direction Professor Nana Iashvili

This specialisation aims to nurture qualified professionals by providing them with a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge at the level of higher education. In the first and second years of the four year undergraduate courses, students acquire general professional and technical skills as well as theoretical knowledge. At the second stage of the undergraduate education, students are focused on their individual projects and aim to present their work at an international level.
While photography is a new specialisation relative to more traditional disciplines taught at the academy, the graduates and students of the specialisation have already distinguished themselves in Georgia as well as abroad. The high professional level of degree projects is the best evidence of the faculty’s success. Students have an opportunity to participate in international workshops and master-classes, contact a wide range of foreign universities and academies, work on joint projects, be attuned to current developments in world art and further advance their professional skills.

Natela Grigalasvili, Invited Professor
Rusudan Eristavi, Professor
Tamar Darsavelidze, Associate Professor
Lia Lomsadze, Assistant Professor
Mariam Janelidze, Assistant Professor
Shota Dograsvili, Assistant Professor
Tea Apkhadze, Assistant Professor
Nodar Sumbadze, Chief Research Fellow
Nana Kupharadze, Senior teacher
Nikoloz Gabunia, Senior Teacher
Bidzina Qavtaradze, Senior Teacher