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Head of the Direction Professor Giorgi Iashvili

In 1926, when the Academy was established, it only ran the directions of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art. Terracotta sculpture was assigned to a specially set up ceramic workshop which was later transformed into the first chair of decorative art, the Chair of Artistic Ceramics. In 1958, a teaching and experimentation workshop opened within the Chair, where first black polished porcelain specimen were created. The workshop soon became the landmark of the Georgian national ceramic industry. The Chair was transformed to the Direction of Ceramic Art was established in 2005.
The Direction aims to combine tradition with contemporary trends at a conceptual as well as technological level; to develop insights into the perpetual and ever-changing forms of expression of aesthetic and functional categories and to prepare highly qualified designers and ceramic artists.


Giorgi Iashvili, Professor
Lia Bagrationi, Associate Professor
Giorgi Pachkoria, Associate Professor
Akaki Inanishvili,  Associate  Professor