Artistic Ceramics

Artistic Glass Design

Textile Design
Fashion Design
Industrial Design
Artistic Processing of Wood and Furniture design
Jewellery and Metal Decorative Plastics
Research Laboratory of Blue Table Cloths

Tapestry and Art Textile Museum


A number of chairs of applied arts were established in 1959, under Apolon Kutateladze as the Rector of the Academy. In 1961, together with the Department of Ceramic Art, the chairs were incorporated to form the Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts.

The Faculty opened on the initiative of the Rector of the Academy, Apolon Kutateladze and the artist and professor Davit Tsitsishvili.

The Faculty of Design aims to contribute to the development of students’ identity and interests and support research-based practices by drawing on traditional as well as modern research.

Currently the Faculty runs BA and MA programmes.