Restoration/Conservation, Art History and Theory


Art History and Theory

Restoration, Conservation


Restoration was one of the specialisations at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, the only higher educational institution to offer courses in restoration beginning from 1966. In 2004 a separate Faculty was set up and in 2005, the Faculty of Restoration and the Direction of Art History and Theory were merged to form the Faculty of Restoration, Art History and Theory.
The establishment of the Faculty contributed to the introduction of new principles of teaching architecture and painting conservation/restoration; apart from that, the directions of metal, grass and ceramic conservation/restoration were established for the first time in Georgia. The adoption of a holistic approach to cultural heritage preservation in Georgia has been facilitated by the integration of conservation/restoration and art history and theory. The academic curriculum of the Faculty makes emphasis on art historical, technological and diagnostic study of cultural heritage properties, as well as on preventive conservation, conservation theory, philosophy, fundamentals of law and professional ethics.


Tamar Liluashvili, Associate Professor
Maia Mania, Associate Professor
Davit Ramishvili, Associate Professor