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Drawing (Optional)

The Academy aims to maintain the tradition of teaching classical drawing and at the same time, modernise its curricula to respond to contemporary requirements. Drawing is an optional course offered at the faculties and directions with an emphasis on the principles such as composition, form, line, plasticity, space, perspective, tonal range, manner of execution, etc. Careful attention is paid to the use of different media (graphical pencil, charcoal, sanguine chalk, sepia, etc).

The study programmes of the Direction of Drawing are tailored to the specific requirements of the Academy faculties and departments. The Direction of Sculpture makes emphasis on the development of spatial thinking and harmonious placement of an object in the space, as well as the form, perspective, relief modelling, sense of volume and other techniques.  The Direction of Painting pays more attention to the sense of space and plane, the creation of form by means of soft tonal gradations, the concept of background, the picture plane and the perception of the unity of the composition. In Graphic Art focus is made on the light and the manner of execution given that drawing is the main form of graphical expression. The Direction of Architecture makes emphasis on developing students’ spatial thinking, as well as their ability to provide structural analysis of objects and understand compositional and structural variation of objects of different geometries in space. The Direction of Design dedicates more attention to specific aspects of design drawing, e.g. a modelling line.

Goirgi Lazarashvili, Emeritus Professor
Giorgi Chachanidze, Assistant Professor
Eldar Kavshbaia, Assistant Professor