Financial support for Academy students

The Students Support Programme aims to offer a performance-based tuition waiver scheme toexcelling students at all BA programmes and and at MA programmes of artistic profile.
The Students Support Programme envisages tuition waiver for 70 BA students.
If a student is eligible for an incomplete government grant, the Academy waives the portion of tuition not covered by the grant. The waiver scheme does not apply to students awarded 100% government grant. Waivers are distributed among the faculties in proportion to the number of admissions, while further distribution among the faculty departments is regulated by the respective Faculty Board’s decision.
MA programmes offer annual tuition waivers to six students from the faculties of Fine Arts, Media Arts and Design, two students from each faculty. The waivers are allocated to faculty departments upon the decision of the Faculty Boards.
At BA programmes excepting the Faculty of Restoration and Art History and Theory, primary selection under the tuition waiver schemeis based on students’ results in the Artistic Skills Test. Where the Artistic Skills Test scores are the same, the results in the Unified National Exams will be considered. Students of the Faculty of Restoration and Art History and Theory are selected for tuition waiver based on their performance in the first semester. The threshold score is over 81.Qualifying students will be refunded the first semester tuition.
MA students are selected for tuition waiver based on the results of the specialization exams organized by the Academy.
To maintain tuition waiver, a student’s semester grade point average must be no less than 81. Otherwise, he/she will be replaced by a student who did not succeed at the initial selection butearned a grade point average over 81 in the previous semester. Tuition waiver exemption may also be due to suspension or internal mobility.