21 June,    Presentation of the DAAD study and stipend programs, leaded by the Head  of the DAAD -Tbilisi Information Center Mr. Gebhard Reul,  was held at the TSAA.   
DAAD grants are available for the German language summer courses,  and for studies at the German language universities, as well as, at the English language universities in Germany.
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Seville, June 16 - 30, 2019
Deadline: Jul 4, 2018
Call For Papers 
TechnoHeritage 2019
4th International Congress Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

11-15-16 May, Two professors Markus Tomaselli and  Michael Raifer, representing the Architecture Faculty of the Vienna  Technical University
 visited  the TSAA and held the workshop for the Georgian and Austrian MA students on the following issues: urban planning of the Samgori territory, infrastructural planning,  creation of the development and recreation zones.