საერთაშორისო კონფერენცია 2019 წლის ივლისში სევილიაში

20 / 06 / 2018

თსს აკადემიის სამეცნიერო კვლევებისა და განვითარების სამსახური ავრცელებს ინფორმაციას 2019 წლის ივლისში სევილიაში დაგეგმილი საერთაშორისო კონფერენციის შესახებ კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის კონსერვაციის მიმართულებით. 
TechnoHeritage 2019 (Seville, 26-30 Mar 19) მე-4 საერთაშორისო კონგრესი მეცნიერება და ტექნოლოგია კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის კონსერვაციისათვის
საკონფერენციო თეზისების გაგზავნის ბოლო ვადაა: 2018 წლის 4 ივლისი
Seville, June 16 - 30, 2019
Deadline: Jul 4, 2018
Call For Papers 
TechnoHeritage 2019
4th International Congress Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Topic 1: Development of new digital graphic instruments such as BIM, GIS and others, for knowledge, analysis, protection and conservation of Cultural Heritage.
Topic 2: Management and sustainability of the Cultural Heritage information. Applications and cases about standardization and protocols.
Topic 3: Importance, social value and policies in the management of information for the conservation of Cultural Heritage.
Topic 4: Risk Assessment and monitoring of Cultural Heritage (Pollution, Climate Change, Natural Events, Microclimate).
Topic 5: New technologies, products and materials for conservation and maintenance of Cultural Heritage.
Topic 6: Vulnerability assessment: Agents and Mechanisms of Decay (Physical, Chemical and Biological).
Why attend to TechnoHeritage 2019 Congress?
The conference offers:
- An interdisciplinary and international forum for discussions on all aspects of Cultural Heritage.
- A special session focused on topics such as the application of digital technology for the sustainable management, knowledge and social innovation.
- A high-quality scientific programme including new emerging topics in Cultural Heritage such as: Digital Information Model (BIM, GIS, and BIM & GIS integration) for the prevention, conservation and management of heritage; the role of innovative monitoring techniques and social value in the management of information for the conservation of Cultural.
- Publication of papers in indexed proceedings. In addition, a number of selected papers will be published in a high-quality journal with a high impact factor.
- Reduced registration fee for students. In the case of undergraduate students, recognition of an academic ECTS credit.
-An extraordinary venue for the conference. Seville is one of the oldest cities in South Europe which preserves an important historical legacy, meeting place between Europe and America.
Enjoy a fantastic social program including some tours to Alcazar, Cathedral, Archivo de Indias, declared a World Heritage Site and the Archaeological Site of Itálica.
-The reduced registration fee also includes lunches, the gala dinner and two different tours.
Abstracts uploading
Opening date: 23rd April 2018 
Closing date: 4th July 2018
Selection and acceptance of communications
14th September 2018
Registration opening date: 17th September 2018
Early registration closing date: 16th November 2018
Registration closing date: 11th January 2019
Opening date: 26th March 2019
Closing date: 30th March 2019
Full-paper submissions deadline
28th June 2019
For submission instructions: http://gestioneventos.us.es/event_detail/18082/sections/12097/abstracts-and-papers.html
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