Textile Design – The Head Professor Tinatin Kldiashvili


Head of the program:
Tinatin Kldiashvili,
Professor of TSAA

Name of the Bachelor Program: Textile Design
Higher level of academic education: Bachelor
Awarded qualification: Bachelor of Arts
Admission prerequisite: The entrant should have passed a Unified National Examinations and TSAA creative contest
Annotation of Bachelor Program: The program envisages the use of textile arts fields in the technological and creative packaging of textile industry, aesthetic and technical as a decorative and applied fields. These are: carpets, rug, felt, tapestry, batik, jackal knitted fabric, furniture woven dress material woven, blue tablecloths, tissue dissection (batik, sack with drawstring, prints), and etc.
These fields are carried out: wool, silk, cotton, flax and artificial tissue and raw materials.  The woven is performed by technique of knitting, painting, cutting and dyeing (hand and mechanical technique). Discipline requires creative vision and thinking, understanding the functions of visual forms in relation to production.
The program is focuses on education of the designers (specialists) of these fields, who have general theoretical and practical knowledge gained within the program they will be able to work successfully in the field of Fashion design.  The program also includes the basic theoretical course of visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture) as well as general theoretical courses of art history (history of world art, history of Georgian art), digital technologies, general educational and special optional subjects.

The Program Structure

Basic specialty subjects - 80 credits
Visual art subjects - 65 credits
General education subjects - 60 credits
Art history subjects - 35 credits
(World art history - 10 Credits)
(Georgian art history - 10 Credits)
(Elective subjects - 15 credits)
Total - 240 ECTS
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