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Graphic Design

Head of the Direction Professor Mariam Chichinadze

Visual Design covers a number of important disciplines including planning, advertising, labelling and graphical design of communication media, i.e. the channels through which companies convey their philosophy to the public, and demonstrate their production and services. Graphical designers plan, analyze, create and assess visual solutions to communication challenges. They set ambitious goals and develop strategies to create corporate identity including trademarks, logos, advertising, digital presentations and posters, leaflets, packaging, etc.


Giorgi Shengelia, Professor
Rusudan Eristavi, Professor
Mariam Chichinadze, Professor
Marine Tevzaia, Professor
Tamar Darsavelidze, Associate Professor
Nino Gochitashvili, Assistant Professor
Mariam Janelidze, Assistant Professor
Tea Apkhadze, Assistant Professor
Manana Sukhitashvili, Assistant Professor
Ana Tsereteli, Assistant Professor
Eka Egadze, Assistant Professor