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Digital Media

Head of the Direction Professor Nana Iashvili

Digital Media offers a wide range of programmes at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels: 2D and 3D modelling; digital multimedia; web design; computer animation including the modelling of vehicle interior, casual, technological, scientific, museum, archeological and medical settings; VR technology; computer games design; computer-aided scientific simulations and modelling, organisation and design; preparation of conferences, lectures and workshops; website design, programming and publication; design of animated banners and bumpers, videos, CDs, conference accessories, etc.


Giorgi Shengelia, Professor
Rusudan Eristavi, Professor
Nana Iashvili, Professor
Marine Tevzaia, Professor
Zaza Iashvili, Professor
Tamar Darsavelidze, Associate Professor
Luka Mikeladze, Associate Professor
Giorgi Javelidze, Associate Professor
Nina Samanishvili, Associate Professor
Nino Gochitashvili, Assistant Professor
Lela Tabliashvili, Assistant Professor
Zurab Khomeriki, Assistant Professor
Mariam Janelidze, Assistant Professor
Tea Apkhadze, Assistant Professor
Manan Sukhitashvili, Assistant Professor
Ana Tsereteli, Assistant Professor
Eka Egadze, Assistant Professor
Inga Gabashvili, Assistant Professor
Iana Korbezashvili, Assistant Professor 
Giorgi Darchiashvili, Assistant
Tsitsino Bodokia, Assistant