Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts David Aleksidze

David Aleksidze, Head of the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Full Professor, Dean

During 1981-1983 David Aleksidze studied at the Tbilisi State University.
From 1983 to 1990 he studied painting under Nikoloz Ignatov at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.
Upon graduating the Academy, Aleksidze worked at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Humanities of the Tbilisi State University. He participated in many local and international exhibitions. Aleksidze has produced stage designs. He took part in the organisation of Gift,Georgian international festival of arts.
Between 1993 and 1995 he took internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia)and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (specialisation: Contemporary Art). He has illustrated several books. Aleksidze participated in the joint Georgian-Scottish arts project in Glasgow.
In 2001 he produced stage designs for the theatrical performance Mimicry  in the Basement Theatre (Teatraluri Sardapi). Since 2006 he has been working at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Throughout this period, he took part in several workshops organised by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation. His works were presented at the exhibitions organised by the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in Iran, Turkey and Italy. Together with the Academy students, he participated in the international forums on art and history in Liège and in Luxembourg. He has organised numerous exhibitions and creative projects for students at the Academy. He has been taking part in various regional and international projects and exhibitions.
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