The Vice-Chancellor
The Vice-Chancellor - Givi Kipiani - ([email protected])

Quality Assurance Department
Head of the Quality Assurance Department - Nino Gaganidze - ([email protected])

The Rector's Office
Head of the Rector's Office - Ketevan Nemsadze - ([email protected])
Head of International Affairs Department - Maya Kipiani - ([email protected])
Coordinator of the Inner Communications - Nuka Chkhartishvili - ([email protected])
PR Manager - Nino Mikadze - ([email protected])

Education Process Management Department
Head of the Education Process Management Department - Michael Khundadze - ([email protected])

Financial Department
Chief Accountant - Irina Katsiashvili - ([email protected])

Legal Department
Head of the Legal Department -Tatiana Margalitadze - ([email protected])

Department of Human Resources Management 
Head of the Human Resources Management Department - Tamila Lomadze - ([email protected])

The Chancellery
Head of Chancellery - Lana Managadze - ([email protected])

Academic Research and Development Department
Head of Department - Tamta Shavgulidze - ([email protected])
Technical Support Service
Head of the Technical Support Service - Guram Iakobashvili - ([email protected])

The Museum
Head of the Museum - Lana Karaia - ([email protected])
Curator - Aleksandra Gabunia - ([email protected])

The Library

The Head of the Library - Nino Gujabidze - ([email protected])